May 21, 2019
Rule 5:
Penalties for noncompliance with "Bylaws, Rules, Regulations and Moorage Agreements “of OYC:
(a) Any member found in violation of adopted OYC Bylaws, Rules, Regulations and/or Agreements (moorage or
otherwise) shall be subject to actions provided for in Article 3, Section 7 6 of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Olympia
Yacht Club.
(b) OYC is entitled to reimbursement for the costs it incurs in attempting to enforce compliance with OYC Bylaws, Rules,
Regulations and Agreements with its members. Members who fail to comply with OYC Bylaws, Rules, Regulations and
Agreements will be billed for, and will be responsible for the payment of actual costs incurred by OYC to enforce
compliance, including the payment of OYC's attorney's fees and court cost.
Rule 6:
Any boat leaving or approaching its mooring, or Club property, must observe a maximum speed of 5 knots and leave no
wake. Federal Law prohibit the “reckless operation of boat”, holding the owner responsible for any damage created by
its wake. An idle speed is to be maintained when passing boats moored to a dock or lying at anchor. OYC members will
abide by all boating laws and will not operate their vessel in a reckless manner. The owner of the vessel will be held
responsible for any damage created by the vessel’s wake.
Rule 9:
Each boat slip or boat house is entitled to one, and only one, 120-volt, 30-amp GFCI protected connection to the OYC
Marina electrical system. For safety purposes, the pedestal electrical connection may not be locked.
Before any connection in excess of the 120-volt, 30-amp service or any non-standard connection is installed to the
electrical system, it must be approved by the Board of Trustees.
The Board of Trustees may grant a limited number of exceptions based upon the capacity of the Marina electrical
infrastructure. A member may request an exception in writing. Each exception must be reapproved annually. An
exception does not transfer with the sale of the boat or boathouse. Any violation of the provisions of this rule will
result in the disconnection from the OYC electrical system, after proper notice.
Rule 14:
(a)The Board of Trustees and/or the Moorage Master has the right to change the slip assignment of any boat or
boathouse moored at the Club docks at any time they deem necessary for the best interest of the Club.
(b)Any member making a modification to the exterior of the boathouse, or proposing to build a new boathouse, or to
rebuild an existing boathouse will be required to secure an OYC “BOATHOUSE BUILDING/REMOLDING/RELOCATION
PERMIT". This permit, to be valid, must be signed by the Moorage Master and the Main Station Chair. All boathouse
remodeling that requires governmental permits, must be obtained. The OYC permit will be valid for a period of six
months from the date of approval.
(c.) Members wishing to lease their boathouse/berth shall notify the Moorage Master in writing prior to occupancy by
the lessee. Said rentals leases are to Club members only. Upon approval by the Moorage Master, the lessee may occupy
the boathouse/berth for a period of up to six months from the date of approval. Any extensions beyond a given six-
month period must be approved by the Board of Trustees.
Rule 16:
Without exception, the sale of a boat, or boathouse (except dinghies) moored within the Olympia Yacht Club facilities
will be reported to the Moorage Master in writing within five (5) days of sale. Any nonmember purchasing a boat or
boathouse as described above and desiring the vessel’s berth must apply for membership and be approved as an active
member before taking possession of the boathouse or berth. The sale of a boathouse to a nonmember shall be
contingent upon the buyer becoming an active member.
Should the sale of a boat be completed prior to active membership approval and the new owner plans to use the boat,
the boat must be moved off Club premises until such time the applicant becomes an active member. Upon approval of
active membership, the berth/boathouse may be utilized. All boathouses and berths must be returned to 120-volt, 30-
amp, GFCI power prior to sale. Noncompliance is grounds for termination of moorage rights for the seller and buyer.
Rule 23:
Complaints of any nature may be communicated to the Board of Trustees at their regularly scheduled meeting or to any
member of the Board of Trustees or Bridge who will forward it to the Board. The Board shall give such complaints due
consideration and render a decision, which, in its considered judgment, shall be in accordance with Club Bylaws, Rules,
Regulations and Agreements.
Rule 28:
There shall be no modifications by members to OYC docks (to include attaching additional floating structures to the
docks), electrical systems (to include placing locks on power pedestals), water systems, or floats. Any modifications
discovered shall be corrected at the direction of the Main Station Chair at the member’s expense and may be taken
before the Board of Trustees for appropriate corrective/disciplinary action. Exceptions to this rule may be approved by
the Board on a case-by-case basis.