Olympia Yacht Club Board of Trustees Meeting June 12, 2019
Board of Trustees Meeting, Main Station, 6:00 pm
Bob VanSchoorl John Zermer Patrick Richmond Bob Hargreaves Melissa Ashcraft
Mark Peckler Kevin Kennedy Mark Welpman
Approval of previous minutes - done electronically
Potential New Members
Matt Gray and Marnee Watson
Terry Hess
Bob Meyer
Vote for membership will be held at Summer Solstice BBO on 6/21/19.
Social Membership
Request to change to social membership from Gary and Sue Wise. Approved (via email after meeting)
Request for life time membership from J and Peg Grady. Qualifications met. Approved
Community and Governmental Affairs
Joe Downing requested OYC donate the use of main station clubhouse for the Family Support Center fundraiser -100
Men Against Domestic Violence.  Tentative date is October 15,2019. Majia Glasier-Lawson and Jon Tunheim spoke on behalf of the event.  BOT Approved.
BOT Election of Chair
Bob VanSchoorl nominated by Bob Hargreaves, second by John Zermer- Approved
Committee Chairs
See attachment
Motion to approve by John Zermer, second by Bob Hargreaves- Approved.
By-Laws Committee: Rules Change
Clarification  needed on the time of two 2 weeks between reading of the proposed changed and voting on by board. Bylaw committee will review.
Rule No.5, Rule No.6, Rule No.9, Rule No. 14, Rule No. 16, Rule No. 23, and Rule No. 28- Motion to approve by John
Zermer, second by Patrick Richmond - Approved.
Discussion was held on how to deal with the security issues at the main station. Quotes were provided from two private security firms to do periodic walk rounds. Board decision was made to hold off on proposals and turn the security issues over to the main station committee for review and possible creation of a security subcommittee.
Treasurers Report
Check Detail Report, motion to approve by Bob Hargreaves, second by John Zermer - Approved.
Banking Changes- Moving funds to Washington Business Bank. Main checking and other funds will be in interest bearing accounts. All accounts are still protected by FDIC.
Main Station Report
Tim Ridley provided quote for electrical boxes and fencing. 8' high fence to be installed in back parking area. Electrical box quote from Capital Electrical . Must coordinate with Storemans prior to commencement of fencing. Fencing and electrical box - motion to approve by John Zermer, second by Patrick Richmond - Approved
Island Home Report
See attachment
Sailing and Education Report
Account balance is $30,829. Registration is in progress. School is going longer so classes are starting a week later. Olympia and Tumwater Parks and Recreation teen classes are been done in house. Portland race outcome was 121 out of 12. Associate Director position is getting close to being filled by a current instructor  who is working towards applying. Getting boats and trailers registered. J24 and chase boats need registrations.  BBQ for students on 6-30 for racing teams. Katie Hurley is planning.
Moorage Report
Needs bigger slips! 4 boats to be moved. All slips to be full by 7/1/2019.
Unfinished Business
New Business
Good of Order
Boathouse/Slip Inspections- Bob Wolf sent report to BOT. We have never inspected slip at end of 400 dock. This needs to happen. Listed areas of concern 317, 300, 402. Is it time for fines? 6 slips have more than 30 amp. Three are liveaboards and three are not. Eli is taking care of 313. Can we put lien on boathouse? Discussion to continue
Adjourn:  7:54 pm
Olympia Yacht Club
BOT Liaison
Mark Pearson
Bob Van Schoorl
BOT Art 4,Sec 2 (I)
Beachcomber Editor
Gary Wilson
Melissa  Ashcraft
BOT Art 4,Sec 2 (I)
Budget  and Finance
Gary Ball
Kevin Kennedy
BOT Art 4,Sec 2 (I)
By Laws
Bob Wolf
John Zermer
BOT Art 4,Sec 2 (I)
Club House
Debe Andersen
Patrick  Richmond
BOT Art 4,Sec 2 (I)
Club Service Program
Leslie Thompson
Bob Van Schoorl
BOT Art 4,Sec 2 (I)
Community/Government Affairs
Myra Downing/KellyThompson
Bob Van Schoorl
BOT Art 4, Sec 2 (I)
Polly Rosemond
Com Mark Welpman
Environmental Awareness
John Sherman
Kevin Kennedy
BOT Art 4,Sec 2 (I)
Chris Cheney
Com Mark Welpman
Karol Kersh
Melissa Ashcraft
Island Home
Earl Hughes
Mark Peckler
BOT Art 4,Sec 2 (I)
Juniors Program
BOT Art 4,Sec 2 (I)
Long Range Planning
Gene Coakley
Bob Hargreaves
BOT Art 4,Sec 2 (I)
Jim Howatson/Bill Hamaker
John Zermer
BOT Art 4,Sec 2 (I}
Dennis  Royal
Mark Peckler
BOT Art 4,Sec 2 (I)
Moorage Master
Mark Fliescher
John Zermer
BOT Art 4,Sec 2 (I)
IPC Marty Graf
Board Chair
BOT Art 4,Sec 2 (I)
Margaret Snyder/Judy Ball
Patrick Richmond
BOT Art 4,Sec 2 (I)
IPC Marty Graf              \'Y\eu?lL
BOT Art 4, Sec 2 (I)
Safety and Education
Paul DuPriest
Kevin Kennedy
BOT Art 4,Sec 2 (I)
Sailing Education Program
Fern Zabriskie/Mary Fitzgerald
Bob Hargreaves
BOT Art 4,Sec 2 (I)
Jon Bryant
Board  Chair
BOT Art 4,Sec 2 (I)
Ron Morsette
Melissa Ashcraft
BOT Art 4,Sec 2 (I}
Proposed Changes to Rules and Regulations of OVC
Rule 5: Penalties for noncompliance with "Bylaws, Rules, Regulations and Moorage Agreements "of OYC:
(a) Any member found in violation of adopted OYC Bylaws,Rules,Regulations and/or Agreements (moorage or otherwise) shall be subject to actions provided for in Article 3,Section 7 6 of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Olympia Yacht Club.
(b) OYC is entitled to reimbursement for the costs it incurs in attempting to enforce compliance with OYC Bylaws, Rules, Regulations and Agreements with its members. Members who fail to comply with OYC Bylaws, Rules,Regulations and Agreements will be billed for, and will be responsible for the payment of actual costs incurred by OYC to enforce compliance, including the payment of OYC's attorney's fees and court cost.
Rule 6:Any boat leaving or approaching its mooring, or Club property, must observe a maximum speed of 5 knots and  leave no wake. OYC members will abide by all boating law§.-and will not operate their vessel in a reckless manner. The owner of the vessel will be held responsible for any damage created by the vessel's wake.
· Rule 9:Each boat slip or boat house is entitled to one, and only one, 120-volt, 30-amp GFCI protected connection to the
OYC Marina electrical system. For safety purposes, the pedestal electrical connection may not be locked.
Before any connection in excess of the 120-volt, 30-amp service or any non-standard connection is installed to the electrical system, it must be approved by the Board ofTrustees.
The Board of Trustees may grant a limited nwilber of exceptions based upon the capacity of the Marina electrical infrastructure. A member may request an exception in writing.  Each exception must be reapproved annually. An exception does not transfer with the sale of the boat or boathouse.  Any violation of the provisions of this rule will result in the disconnection from the OYC electrical system, after proper notice.
Rule 14:Slips and Boathouses
@lThe Board of Trustees and/or the Moorage Master has the right to change the slip assignment of any boat or boathouse moored at the Club docks at any time they deem necessary for the best interest ofthe Club.
i!;UAny member making a modification to the exterior of the boathouse, or proposing to build a new boathouse, or to rebuild an existing boathouse will be required to secure an OYC "BOATHOUSE BUILDING/REMODELING/RELOCATION PERMIT". This permit,to be valid, must be signed by the Moorage Master and the Main Station Chair. All boathouse remodeling that requires governmental permits, must be obtained. The OYC permit will be valid for a period of six months from the date of approval.
.!fJ Members wishing to lease their boathouse/berth shall notify the Moorage Master in writing prior to occupancy by
the lessee. Said rentals leases are to Club members only. Upon approval by the Moorage Master, the lessee may occupy the boathouse/berth for a period of up to six months from the date of approval. Any extensions beyond a given six­ month period must be approved by the Board of Trustees.
Rule 16:Without exception, the sale of a boat, or boathouse (except dinghies) moored within the Olympia Yacht Club facilities will be reported to the Moorage Master in writing within five (5) days of sale. Any nonmember purchasing a
boat or boathouse as described above and desiring the vessel's berth must apply for membership and be approved as an active member before taking possession of the boathouse or berth. The sale of a boathouse to a nonmember shall be contingent upon the buyer becoming an active member.
Should the sale of a boat be completed prior to active membership approval and the new owner plans to use the boat, the boat must be moved off Club premises until such time the applicant becomes an active member. Upon approval of active membership, the berth/boathouse may be utilized. All boathouses and berths must be returned to 120-volt, 30- amp, GFCI power prior to sale. Noncompliance is grounds for termination of moorage rights for the seller and buyer.
Rule 23:
Complaints of any nature may be communicated to the Board of Trustees at their regularly scheduled meeting or to any member of the Board ofTrustees  or Bridge who will forward it to the Board. The Board shall give such complaints due consideration and render a decision, which, in its considered judgment, shall be in accordance with Club Bylaws, Rules, Regulations and Agreements.
Rule 28:
There shall be no modifications by members to OYC docks (to include attaching additional floating structures to the docks), electrical systems (to include placing locks on power pedestals), water systems, or floats. Any modifications discovered shall be corrected at the direction of the Main Station Chair at the member's expense and may be taken before the Board ofTrustees  for appropriate  corrective/disciplinary action. Exceptions to this rule may be approved by the Board on a case·by-case basis.

Island Home OYC Board Report June 12, 2019
George has been on vacation part of last week and this week,he's back now.  Steve and
Kathleen Sabine filled in for George. While there they painted  the caretaker house.
They were to bring out the roofing for the club house today  with installation the first of next week.
Had Jason Bucknell out to do up dating to the WiFi system.  Also had HCC beef up the signal by
1/3. This should help during events.
Speaking of events at the Island,we  have some VERY VERY low tides during the 4th of July event.  A -3.7 on the 4th and a -3.3 on Friday. Just an FYI.
Earl Hughes,Island Home Chairman