Olympia Yacht Club  

                                                                                                    Established 1904


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OYC Safety and Education Committee
Olympia Yacht Club     
Presents a Training Event:                 
A Better Way to Hail!
                    Use DSC on Your VHF Radio
Doug Miller, Milltech Marine, Inc., (www:MilltechMarine.com) will present a focused, hands on workshop on using Digital Selective Calling as a routine and advanced emergency tool to increase your boating safety.  Specifically, Doug will touch on: What is DSC and how it works; What is needed for DSC to work for you; US Coast Guard and Rescue 21 support for DSC; Basic setup steps; Typical usage scenarios & demos; Hailing other DSC users using your VHF radio; Tracking other vessels and Emergencies.  Automatic Identification System (AIS) will also be covered.  Attendees will get live experience with the use of DSC radios to increase practical use.  Though this will be a workshop, an example of Doug's lecture style presentation can be found at:
WHEN:  January 16, 2019, 5:30-8:00 pm
WHERE: Olympia Yacht Club, 201 Simmons Street NW, Olympia
COST:  OYC Members: $20; Others: $35
This training is sponsored by the Olympia Yacht Club Safety and Education Committee and is open for all Boaters.  
“Safety through Education!”