Olympia Yacht Club  

                                                                                                    Established 1904


7-11-18 BOT Minutes

Olympia Yacht Club
Board of Trustees Meeting
6:02 p.m. Board of Trustees Regular Meeting
Roll call of Trustees: Bob van Schoorl, Chairman; John Zermer; Bill Wilmovsky; Andrea Sehmel, Secretary; Marty Graf, Commodore. Absent, excused: Mark Peckler, Kevin Kennedy. Absent: Bob Beckman. Quorum met.
Approval of previous minutes - done electronically; posted on bulletin board as well as website 
Open Meeting Communications from the floor
Jeff Pape: Concern regarding Board decision in March to permit Vice Commodore to take his class to Island Home for a special cruise in June; not concerned regarding process of request, rather, has a precedent been set. Feels Board made not a great decision. PCs cruise yearly. A lot of conversation has taken place, including a meeting of the PCs with BOT Chair, centered on traditions and rules. Feels this cruise violated club by-laws, as does Soap ‘n’ Suds and other cruises. Feels it would be nice for the PCs to act as an advisory group, and be recognized as such. Proposes a moratorium on all non-burgee’d boats at IH, unless membership OK with other clubs such as SSSS and Shelton Y.C. occasionally being present. Apology made to Mark Welpman, as he made the request appropriately. Feels there has been a lack of communication as there has been a surge of new members and traditions may be lost, and that rules have been less adhered-to of late.
Tony Re: believes PCs shouldn’t have to attend Board Meetings for by-laws to be upheld. It’s the responsibility of the flag officers is to attend meetings. IH rule #2 applies to this concern. We enforce it with our own families.
Bob van Schoorl: Appreciates Jeff and Tony’s comments, learned a lot at PC meeting. Appreciates Jeff and Tony’s comments, learned a lot at PC meeting. The Board and Bridge will meet jointly in September to discuss the PC requests and will request that the PCs orient Board and Bridge members to OYC traditions and the history of the rules. Also believes there needs to be a significant ‘tightening-up’ of the membership process; new members should come before the Board, and sponsors should be present and introduce their friends as proposed new members. If they’re just here for cheap moorage, they should be thoroughly oriented and really join the Club. Discussion: appearing before Board was changed a few years ago, per Bill Wilmovsky. Plan: Will discuss use of IH, PC advisory group, other concerns in September.
Chairman report
Appointing Committee Chair – Deb Waldherr (taking over from Barb Narozonick) – Motion – seconded – approved.
Social Membership - Gerald Lukes – Motion to approve for Lifetime membership as a Social member – seconded – approved.
No BOT meeting in August, as we will not have quorum.
Harbor Days on September 1st; Skipper captains will have a dinner here. Catered: a tribe will be doing salmon. Tim Ridley raised concern about one of the captains taking a reciprocal card and then mooring at Percival, comes here to shower. Tim wrote to his club last year, was paid.
City has asked for an OYC vessel to host a very short cruise from Percival Landing dock to the north end of the Landing; hosting a Japanese delegation from Olympia’s sister city; Bob van Schoorl will take the group with his wife, Meg, who speaks Japanese, to show off the area.
Memo from Fleet Surgeon – new medical advice regarding use of tourniquets for severe bleeding will be discussed in Beachcomber; a kit will be assessed for price and Earl will purchase one for Island Home.
Commodore report
Tuesday – Lakefair Princesses and their families were taken out, went smoothly
Commodore Cruise: have until July 19th to get moorage set. If you wish to attend, let Marty know. Cruisers should contact Bell Harbor directly.
Bridge reports
Mark Welpman, Mitch Mitchell: Changed up a few meals with Bayview; meals will stay at $24. Three steak meals will take place, which cost the most. Bob van Schoorl: Budgeting is done come January, Mark and Mitch will need to meet with Joe Downing and Jon Bryant about reaching goal of 70% cost recoup for events – start thinking about that now.
4th of July cruise came in under budget, occurred mid-week – still a great time, everyone seemed pleased.
Unauthorized cruise at McMicken went well and seven boats were present. Fleet Captain Sail attended.
Clandestine cruise at Lakebay this past weekend also had 7 boats and was greatly enjoyed.
Thanks to Mark and Mitch for organizing.
Treasurer report and approval of payable
Motion to approve check payments – seconded – approved.
Committee Reports
Main Station – no report – Tim Ridley present
Chair, MS Chair discussion: Mr. Robert Aldous was asked to attend this Board Meeting to explain why we should not expel him from the Club regarding his unauthorized use of amperage and explain his attitude towards the Main Station Chair and our caretaker. His keycard will be shut-off and he will again be asked to appear before Board in September. This is not the first time his behavior has been a concern; an issue at Island Home was raised to the Board last summer.
By-laws reviewed regarding being billed for time to remove padlock this member placed on pedestal.
Motion to suspend access of member via keycard effective 7.12.18, seconded – approved.
Beachcomber article reminding that several members having been only temporarily grandfathered in with 50 amps – as well as several other issues – will be written in September.
Delinquency letters were included in members’ bills who were in arrears. Fair response to this method.
Moorage – Mark Fleischer – contrary to by-laws, which state that boats may from time to time require moving and moored in other slips, a member has threatened to sue OYC as well as Moorage Master if his vessel is moved; Moorage Master has been asking him to move his boat since January. He lives out of state and has not moved the boat when in town in the past 6 months. Recommend a serious fine, move his boat ASAP, or have him expelled.
Blue-tarped boat will be improved.
Have received three requests in past 2 weeks for boats 58’ +
Long Range Planning – no report but present
Membership – not present
Clubhouse – not present
Island Home – not present
Community and Government Affairs
Safety and Education - – survey completed; not present
Sailing Education Program
Budget and Finance – not present
Environmental – not present
By Laws – not present
Audit – not present
Quartermaster – not present
CSP – not present
Reciprocal Moorage – Marty will be the committee Liaison
Nominating – not present
Unfinished Business - none
New Business – Mark Welpman: Burgees to ‘honor’ people who have various events will be awarded; cost approximately $250; will come out of Bridge budget
For the Good of the Order - none
Adjourned at 1859h