Olympia Yacht Club  

                                                                                                    Established 1904


2-14-18 BOT Meeting Minutes

BOT Meeting Minutes

Olympia Yacht Club

BOT Meeting 2/14/18


6:00 Board of Trustees Regular Meeting – commenced at 1802h

Roll call of Trustees – Bob van Schoorl, Chair; Bill Wilmovsky; Kevin Kennedy; Bob Beckman; Gene Coakley; Bill Sloane, Commodore; Andrea Sehmel, Secretary


Approval of previous minutes – done electronically and posted on bulletin board and on website


Open Meeting Communications from the floor


Bill Hamaker – question clarifying existence of Communication Committee, requests that notification of cancelled meetings be sent in advance if possible please – and ensure is on Calendar also. Bob van Schoorl advises that Committee Chair should send out notification of meeting cancellation and/or attendees should check with Committee Chair to double-check meeting is actually occurring. Myra Downing suggests that reminding Committee Chairs to send out blast; Fern Z suggests attendees request to be added to distribution list for emails. We don’t want to inundate members with excessive emails. Only Ron M. can edit calendar on website.

Chairman report – Bob van Schoorl

Demit – Aaron and Collette Rauch

Life Member - Mike and Patti Phillips

Life Member - Dan Neuhauser and Barbara Narozonick Neuhauser

Social Member - Dan Neuhauser and Barbara Narozonick Neuhauser

All cleared by Jon, motion to approve, seconded – passed.


Jim Harden willing to do safety inspections, some folks have been out already enjoying Island Home and Poulsbo… unfortunately need to mention that should an accident occur, you have an obligation to report this. Someone has had damage occur to their boathouse curtain and boat’s swim-step, and no-one has owned up to it.


Deliquencies: anyone who is in arrears; 5 of 10 have made a payment since recently requested. Two have had their membership suspended; have advised that two more will have their membership suspended. Discussion.

Motion to suspend access – seconded – approved. March 14th deadline for response.


Commodore Report - Bill Sloane –

Bill & Charli Hamaker have agreed to be the Daffodil Parade boat, their boat has a great new paint job, planning meeting announcement pending.

Parking lot planning – Tom Skillings and Bill S. are doing pro bono work to estimate asphalt being laid to minimize potholes


Other Bridge members – no report


Treasurer report and approval of payable

News from Joe D coming later in meeting


Committee Reports


Audit – Mark Pearson in the middle of the audit


Long Range Planning – Ed Crawford –Topics of committee discussion: The 1000 boats in this basin contribute over $6 million to the community yearly. Sea level rise. Electrical work. Parking lot. If you have an idea or thought process, please write it down and put it on the bulletin board for Ed for his committee’s consideration. DNR lease, preparation for it. Outstations. Sanitation – new twists and concepts arise every year with new technology. OYC boundary extension: extending 500 and 600 docks for bigger boats. Caretaker’s home and the process by which we hire people to work here: because the laws are pretty stringent, we need to be careful.


Bylaws - Bob Wolfe – last week, we briefed members on the proposed changes to the bylaws; proposed changes have been online on the Beachcomber and an email blast went out on Jan. 15th; ample opportunity to review has occurred. Proposed ballot for next month’s dinner meeting circulated for consideration, includes synopsis of changes. Next Dinner Meeting night, ballot will be given by Secretary after membership has been verified. We’ll prepare 100. Summary in the February Beachcomber immediately after Bob van Schoorl’s message.


Membership – Ron Wertz

Boat show special has been productive again; nine new memberships

New membership applications:

Mark and Valerie Holzmann

Kurtis and Janice Noren

Jeremy Watters

Tom Iverson

Mike and Chris Murphy – moorage request

Nathan and Erin Birklid

Terry and Karen Jones

Brodie and Cindi Wood – moorage request

Motion to approve nine new applications – seconded – discussion – approved.


Clubhouse – Bill Wilmovsky, Liaison. A new member has offered to do electrical work behind the bar, need a finish carpenter – would Michael Fife consider?


Main Station – Tim Ridley - Turned over insurance regarding damage from last April, some difficulty getting response.

Fire line test on new docks by Marine Floats resulted in damage to the guest dock’s fire line. Repair not

offered by them; Tim is investigating repair in Tacoma 2.15, going to get two. Probably about $600/line.


Island Home – Earl Hughes – new Weber BBQ, please don’t cook oysters on it. Annual spring cleanup on April 28th. Hanging basket – seeking new supplier. DNR buoys lease – work begun. George getting an arm operation; will be out of commission for a couple of weeks. Many thanks to the Valentine’s cruise clean-up crew, nice job. Looking into getting some light dimmers.


Moorage – Mark Fleischer – average wait time hovers about 6 months. Two boats > 50’ still waiting. A lot of people asking about BH extensions. An old list says some can, some can’t. MS meeting tomorrow: expect recommendation coming from that. Work on BHs should be reviewed by Mark, Tim and the Board before work begins. Any member staying at the guest dock for more than 3 days will be billed. Checked BH of deceased member for structure, boat for integrity.

Sailing Education Program – Fern Z. – Looking for approval to buy two Boston Whalers, using funds from fundraiser 2 years ago… to replace two RHIBs, un-patchable. One used 13’ is $2400, have motor from inflatable; the 13’ other is ~ $3600, on a trailer with a motor. From CraigsList, one from Boston Harbor, one from Bainbridge. Trailer to be stored behind Bayview when not in use. One is center console, one is not, a console would be built. Unused trailers and storage space for them discussed.

Motion to approve purchase of 2 Boston Whalers; seconded; discussion; passed.

Dinner Auction coming up on March 3rd, half the tickets sold already, lots of great items.


Budget and Finance - Joe Downing – distributed updates to last month’s budget report with light blue cover…please cross out pages that this new packet replaces. 2018 Budget. Phase II of QuickBooks has begun.

LLC of Parking Lot set up, couple more signatures needed to keep bank happy, LLC sends out payments to nearly 40 investors quarterly.

First QB report from January distributed. Profit & Loss – Budget vs Actual comparison report

CSP is an income category, we yield $60 000 annually for this

Club House rental a unique category in Budget

Learning way around this component of the software, some expenses may vary from one month to another: data will be more meaningful next month. This is more of a global report. QB forces us to be 100% by the book… fine-tuning some items like Assessments; this particular P & L report will reflect that more accurately as the year goes on.

Discussion. The Budget is a best estimate. Also, we are integrating the Sailing & Education Program.

Question about posting the budget on OYC private part of website raised, to be considered.


Community and Government Affairs - Myra Downing – many thanks to Jon Bryant for his diligence.

Several things happened over the past month. Legislative reception didn’t really occur as this was the night the State Budget was passed; all the legislators were on the Hill. Gary Ball and Steve F. took the food up to them; the three county commissioners and some agency directors were present. The Olympia Downtown Alliance (new name) is being attended by Jinny Beekman. The Working Waterfront Coalition was held here on Feb 1st; planning on meeting the first Thursday of every month. Thank you to all the people who went to the Views on 5th meeting; it is moving forward.


Two things have come up: we’ve been approached by Bud Blake as to whether OYC would be willing to allow a fundraiser to be held here in October, the 100 Man Domestic Violence fundraiser – sponsored by Bud, Sheriff John Snaza and attorney John Tunheim. Near the Commodore’s Ball (Oct 29

th). Would use the facility, not the galley. They would take responsibility for cleaning the facility. Michelle is fine with proposal. Suggest donating the room or at the very least, they would pay member rates, Joe & Myra would sponsor. Every year 100 men pay $100, goes to the Family Resource Center. Non-political.


Received request today from someone who would like to use the building: last year, we hosted the crew of the U.S.S. Olympia – Walt organized event – 396’ vessel – the City extended an invitation last year – will only go to Bremerton, crew would like to come to Olympia for events, Joe will speak with Bill S. about reception… last year, had 50 sailors and commanding officers – City is against nuclear weapons but not nuclear subs. Ed C recommends conferring with Walt.

Would love people to join LRP committee as they wish.


Quartermaster – not present


Environmental – John Sherman – annual Safety & Environmental Day Saturday, April 21st.

Two or three bills wending their way through the Legislature that you may wish to comment on. One is about copper paint (alternatives created more problems). Juvenile salmon affected. Deferred for at least one year. Preservation orcas – two bills dealing with them, including decrease of speed to 7 knots. Do a bill search to find them. Zero discharge zone was a rule, a done deal.

Myra thanked John for reaching out to the CGA Committee and developing a relationship.


Safety and Education - Danny Wrye

Safety ladders: was asked a year ago to address this issue. Unanimous decision by the committee to recommend the Board approve floating ladders – always accessible at the water surface. Ladders require muscular strength in cold water, barnacle scraping. 100 and 600 docks in deficit. Researched what is available. Consideration of use in an emergency made. Floating ladders are the most expensive, ~ $400 each. Recommend 17 ladders – between about $6800 and about $8500. Discussion. Finance Committee will consider where money is coming from, likely a capital expense.

Motion to purchase 17 ladders at a cost up to $9000 – seconded – discussion – total potential cost clarified - Club has a discount available at Fisheries – concern re: functionality of floating ladder vs what we currently have – motion passed.


Sat., April 21st 0900 – 1300h: mini tabletop workshops on knot tying, radio etiquette, tide book reading, vessel inspections done.


Charter {aka Operating Guideline} to establish Safety & Education Committee sent out to BOT last week. Requesting that the Board formally approve this.

Motion to approve Charter – seconded – approved.


Education and training: Committee has taken action to integrate diesel training – Mary has organized a training on March 17th & 18th and April 7th & 8th


CSP – not present


Reciprocal Moorage – not present


Unfinished Business - none


New Business

Bob Wolfe: Boathouse inspections – even numbers to be done this year. 7 BHs have not met requirements from last year. Make sure you get the number and place it on the starboard side of the boatside entry.


For the Good of the Order


Adjourn at 20:50