Olympia Yacht Club

201 Simmons St NW  -  Olympia, WA 98501


 Dear Membership Applicant:

On behalf of the Officers and membership of the Olympia Yacht Club (OYC) we want to THANK YOU for your interest in Olympia Yacht Club Membership.  Formed in 1904, OYC is one of Puget Sound’s oldest Yacht Clubs and has remained in its original location.  OYC is steeped in history, strong community participation, and pleasure boating traditions.  Our goal is to provide our members a safe, secure and user friendly marina basin for your boating pleasure.  The success and future of our Yacht Club is a direct result of membership participation and working in a cooperative effort towards common goals.

You will find, among other documents, a copy of the club by-laws, rules, and requirements within this Membership Application Packet.  It is the Membership Committee’s desire to provide all prospective new members complete information pertaining to our procedures and operations of our club and assist you in becoming a valued and long term member.  Please carefully read through the material contained in this Packet.  This will give you the opportunity to be better informed, ensure this is a good fit for you, and help in some of the questions you may have in the membership process.  

To help new members get acquainted, you will have the opportunity during the process to participate in some activities and with your sponsor’s help learn about what OYC does and how you can be involved.  We count on the active participation of all our members in our continued efforts to make Olympia Yacht Club a solid member of the community and a pleasure boat family.

The membership process includes your application, an interview and orientation, Board of Trustees approval and general membership vote on each applicant.  The final event is your induction and introduction to the membership during a dinner business meeting.  The entire timeline is generally a 60 to 90 day process. While this may take a little time, just remember OYC is a social club first and foremost, and this process was established in the best interests of the OYC membership and you. During this time, we encourage you to join with your sponsors as a guest at various social events.

Again, we appreciate your interest in becoming an active member of Olympia Yacht Club.  

Go to the Application for Membership menu on the left side of this webpage, where you will find two downloadable packets. The first packet contains all the materials necessary for membership and includes the following:

  • Introduction Letter
  • Contacts to Help You with Your Application — Includes Membership Costs
  • Application for Membership — Must be completed in full & Include Check
  • CSP (Club Service Program) Participation Form – Must be included with Application
  • Sponsor Checklist – Give to your primary sponsor
  • Request for Moorage — Please include if requesting Moorage
  • Signature Page — Must be included with Request for Moorage
  • Fire Prevention Checklist – Must be included with Request for Moorage
  • Anchorettes Membership Application – Optional for all applicants, can join any time
  • Safety and Compliance Inspections Sample Report – Informational, no action needed 

The second packet contains the Constitution & Bylaws of the Olympia Yacht Club along with the Rules and Regulations. You do not need to print the second packet, but you are expected to review it prior to meeting with the Membership Committee. Specific information also included in the second packet includes the following:

  • OYC Moorage Agreement
  • Liveaboard Agreement – requires BOT approval
  • Island Home Rules
  • Main Station Caretaker Duties and Island Home Caretaker Duties
  • Club Service Program
  • Olympia Yacht Club Boathouse Standards
  • OYC Clean Marina Facility Best Management Practices (BMPs)



MEMBERSHIP CHAIR: Dennis Royal (360) 259-2113

MOORAGE MASTER: Mark Fleischer (253) 691-9601

Your best point of contact in the membership process will be your two sponsors, who signed your membership application, and the Membership Chair, and Moorage Master. It is important you receive complete and correct information on the process and requirements to become a member of the Olympia Yacht Club and obtain moorage.



You must become a member before you can moor a boat or take ownership of a boat or boathouse moored at the Olympia Yacht Club.  If you are purchasing a boat and or boathouse moored at OYC, it is recommended your purchase be based on your becoming a member.  A new moorage agreement is required before you take possession of a boat or boathouse that is currently moored at OYC.

During the application process the current member must be present when you are on the docks, boathouses or boats.  If you want to become a liveaboard you must receive prior Board approval.


By following the steps above and asking for clarification of your questions during your membership interview, most of the common problems that can have a negative effect on your membership application can be eliminated.

The Membership Chair and the Moorage Master can provide you with the most current information on bylaws and rules regarding your membership and obtaining moorage.

Our goal is to assist you in a smooth membership process.

Updated 04/17