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Adult Learn to Sail Information and Registration

Membership at OYC is not required
OYC 2017 Adult Sailing Class Descriptions and Schedule
Adult Keelboat Sailing
Keelboats are generally 16 feet and up and have an attached keel that cannot be raised and lowered.  Larger cockpits allow ease of movement for most adults and are looked upon favorably by those of us with stiff, creaky joints.   Keelboat sailing is a class we offered last year using the clubs new J 24 keelboat and because of its popularity we enlisted the help of Olympia Yacht Club Skippers who provided a variety of their own boats for this class.  This proved to be a great class model that we are repeating this year. If you are thinking of buying a sailboat,  a new boat owners with little or no experience, you are encouraged to take these classes to gain knowledge and experience before heading off on your own excursions.  These classes will introduce you to sailing terminology and we will help you identify how they apply on different types of boats.   You will become familiar with how to find wind, specific knots used on the boats, the concepts of points of sail and sail trim and hands on experience in applying them to get you where YOU want to go.   Our Basic classes include 12 hours of instruction, our Intro classes include 6 hours of instruction. 
We have set up our summer classes so that you can start with an intro or basic class and continue sailing through the summer by taking an advanced class or the Sailing to Hope Island class.   This way you are increasing your skills and experience as the summer progresses.   Fair Winds!
Spring/Summer Classes
Women’s and Adult  Introduction to Keelboat Sailing
One Day Introduction to Sailing     6 hours of instruction   Cost- $125.00
This is an introductory class for novice sailors who have always wanted to sail, but have never had the opportunity or have been on a sail boat only as a passenger, not a participating crew member.  No experience is necessary.   In this one day class, we hope to give you a taste of the fun of Sailing in a non-competitive, supportive atmosphere.  This one day seminar will be an abbreviated version of classes that we offer over a period of 12 hours of instruction.  You will have a short classroom session plus on the water hands-on practice.  For Intro classes where we are sailing all day long, please bring a brown bag lunch and beverages that you can grab and go with.  We will sail no matter what the weather.  Low or no wind is harder to learn in than strong winds, but I retain the right to cancel if the winds are too strong for everyone to be comfortable. 
Adult (mixed)           Cost $125.00
Sunday May 7            10 am- 4pm
Sunday June 11          10am-4pm
Women’s Introduction to Keelboat Sailing  - 7 hours of instruction  Cost $135.00
If you think because you are a woman that you can’t skipper or own your own sailboat you are wrong.  There are plenty of woman owned and skippered boats in the area and we will have several of these sailors here to help introduce you to Sailing.   Please come join us for a class that will be supportive and inspiring.  We will be sailing almost all day long, please bring a brown bag lunch and beverages that you can grab and go with.   We are looking forward to seeing you. 
Saturday   May 6     10-5pm
Sunday  June 18       10-5pm
Basic Keelboat Sailing  12 hours of Instruction    $225.00
This class will cover the basics of sailing and incorporate more on-the-water hands-on practice  for students to acquire a confidence and experience.   We will cover boat rigging, knots, points of sail, sail trim, finding wind and give each student time to learn the various roles that a skipper and crew fill.  We will also cover rules of the road and use of navigation aids for safely traveling from our moorage slips out into the harbor for our outings.   This is a great beginning class for anyone who has the dream of someday owning their own boat and cruising in the Puget Sound area.   You will get a full 12 hours of class with most of it being on the water.  For those wanting more practice and experience, this is a class that you can repeat . 
The number of boats available for this class will be determined by the number of participants who sign up.  I will try to keep our ratio of students to boat owners low so that everyone gets a chance to experience participating as a crew and helmsperson. 
June 20, 23, 27 30th     6pm – dusk  each day
July 1 and 2nd    11am – 5pm each day  (bring a brown bag lunch)
Advanced Keelboat Sailing            12 hours of instruction per class - Cost 225.00
This is not a beginner class so you need to have previous sailing experience either by attending an Intro or Basic class or from previous experience. This Advanced Keelboat Sailing class will include a review of the basics and introduction to the different systems that keelboats all use to get you from place to place.  Our review will include standing rigging, running rigging, points of sail, sail trim.  You will have time for practicing skills learned in previous classes or prior experience on keelboats.  We will practice tacking, gybing, reefing sails and overboard drills.    We will also introduce you to Systems used for safety such as VHF radios, and anchoring.  You will also  be introduced to reading charts and shown how to plan a day long trip. Our discussions will cover how to un-ground a boat, safety tips and knowledge that only comes from personal experience.  This is a class designed to provide you with a step-up to cruising our local waters safely. 
Session 1     
 July 20, 22, and 25
July 20     6pm-dusk
July 22      10am – 4pm (bring brown bag lunch)
July 25  6pm until dusk
Session 2
August 5th and 6th   (bring a brown bag lunch)
10 – 4pm each day (bring a brown bag lunch)
Sailing to Hope Island or Island Home    - 9am –6pm      Cost $225
This class is for students who have either personal experience or have attended our Advanced Keelboat Class.   We will take your previously gained knowledge and apply it to actually going somewhere and getting home again.   This class will include one three hour session and one day long session to historic Hope Island, 6 miles from Olympia just off the end of Steamboat Island. Hope Island is a beautiful water-access-only State Park whose history includes truck farming and is the original home of the Island Belle grape grown in the early part of the 1900’s.  Deer, otter, sea life, eagles and shell fish abound.  If the wind is favorable or the current next to Hope Island is too strong for anchoring, we will continue two miles farther North to OYC’s beautiful outstation, Island Home.  This small island is just south of the Hartstene Island bridge and  North of Hammersly Inlet.  It is owned and operated by the Olympia Yacht Club and open to OYC members year round.   We will plan and execute our trip using tide and current charts, hopefully with enough wind to sail.   You will gain experience in anchoring,docking or picking up mooring buoys   We will tow an inflatable boat with us to provide shore access if we stop at Hope Island
August 8                classroom at OYC 6pm-9pm
August 12                10 am- return      On the water
General Information
All Enrollment is only through Olympia Parks and Recreation   360-753-8380
We will be sailing in beautiful Budd Inlet, just outside of Olympia’s commercial harbor.  You should plan on having comfortable life jacket,  foul weather gear/rain gear with you in case it is needed.  .  We will sail no matter what the weather unless the marine forecast includes small craft warnings. Please bring sunscreen, biking, sailing or gardening gloves, hats, sunglasses, shoes with toes (no bare feet or toeless shoes/sandals.
Please meet at the Olympia Yacht Club (OYC) next to the little Light House. The OYC Parking lot is restricted to members only.  Students may park in the parking lot on the corner of 4th and Simmons(payment by cell phone), at Capital Lake Park(free)  on the SE corner of 5th and Simmons or in public parking on the street.   All students will be required to sign a waiver of liability for OYC, its employees, members helping with class, and all boats used.  If you have any questions regarding further instruction or sailing in general, please don’t hesitate to call.   Capt. Mary Fitzgerald    360-250-1230  oycadultsailing@gmail.com or olymfitz@hotmail.com