Olympia Yacht Club  

                                                                                                    Established 1904


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Standing Committees

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Committee Name





Provides an annual review of the financial operations of the club

Kevin Kennedy


Mark Pearson • Chair 425-881-3295

PC Jim Sheerer




Maintains and processes OYC By-Law modification proposals



Bob VanSchoorl




Bob wolf • Chair 

Becky Minton

PC Tim Ridley

PC Ted Shann

Club Service Program


Encourages membership participation in order to reduce or eliminate the necessity to purchase services. Maintains records of member volunteer service ad makes recommendations or eligible sevices and activties

Bob Beckman


PC Leslie Thompson • Chair




Responsible for production of the Beachcomber and maintaining the OYC website.



Andrea Sehmel



Gary Wilson (Beachcomber)            360-459-7927

Ron Morsette (Website)

Directory   Bill Sloane Denise Lynch (Directory)

Environmental Awareness



Creates a stronger sensitivity toward environmental matters at OYC events and within the operation of the Yacht Club






John Sherman  (Chair)


Rick Bergholz 

Mike Gowrylow  

Denise Zermer

Danny Wrye

MaryAnn Thompson

Kelly Thompson

Jim Lengenfelder

Finance and Budget



Prepares the upcoming fiscal year budget based on projected income revenues and budget request submitted by individual committees.



Bob Van Schoorl



Joe Downing  (Chair)

Cindy Smith

Jane Vukonich

Steve Clark

Jon Bryant

Island Home



Plans, organizes and directs maintenance and special projects at the Island Home outstation



Gene Coakley



Earl Hughes   (Chair) 

Bill Thomas

Dan Martin

Matt Mills

Tim Maxey

Rick Bergholz

Barb Bergholz

Juniors Program



Actively involve persons under the age of 21 in meaningful club activities, to maintain the Junior Sailing Program, and to engage youth in boating related education and safe boating.



Theresa Madden




Mary Fitzgerald (Chair)

Rick Antles

Matt Herinckx

Maryann Gamache


Long Range Planning



Identify, prioritize and do preliminary cost estimates for those capital projects deemed necessary or advisable for execution on behalf of the Olympia Yacht Club from 2 to 15 years in the future. These are typically larger projects with complexity and/or funding issues which require significant lead time.



Bob Beckman



Ed Crawford (Chair)

Gary Ball

Pete Janni

PC Jim Lengenfelder

PC Ted Shann

PC Jim Shereer

PC Tom Skillings




Plans, organizes and directs all maintenance and special projects at the OYC Mainstation.



Bruce Snyder



Tim Ridley • Chair


George Baker

Paul Deranleau

Randall Greggs,

Mark Fleischer (Moorage Master) 253-691-9601

Bron Lingren

B Hamaker

R Rocks

Robert Ludlow (Caretaker) 361-444-4558





Bill Wilmovsky



Michelle Aguilar-Wells (Chair)
Mike Contris
Mike McKinnon
Catherine Schefter
Kim Shann
Chad Clinton
Deb Waldher
Tammy Questi
Rick & Barb Bergholz




Recruits and processes prospective member(s) applications.



Kevin Kennedy



Ron Wertz (Chair)

Mike Fenton

Lisa Fenton

Eric Hetland

Patti Taylor







PC Walt Schefter  (Chair)

PC Carol Robinson

PC Georgia Rae Martin

PC Leslie Thompson

PC Ted Shann

PC Jeff Pape 

Government Affairs



Addresses any matters like state governmental activity that effects the operation of the Club or its members. It is recognized the Olympia Yacht Club is a non-partisan organization that does not make candidate endorsements but does establish position on governmental matters that affect the operation of the club. The Committee will also provide information to OYC members on candidates' position of certain issues.



Bruce Snyder

Myra Downing  (Chair)

John DeMeyer

PC Jim Lengenfelder

Bob Utter

Brenda Hood

Brad Judson

Karol Kersh

Curtis Dahlgren

Walt Schefter

Lee Reaves

Bob VanSchoorl

Justin Montemini

Bruce Snyder



Selects and sells nautical clothing and related appeal items as well as new burgees.

Bob Beckman

Margaret Snyder and Judy Ball


Authorizes OYC guest moorage and arranges all reciprocal agreements with other yacht clubs. Also collects and updates information pertaining to the reciprocals.

Gene Coakley

Gary Gronley (Chair)





Bob Van Schoorl



Danny Wrye (Chair)

Jim Smith

Bill Hammer